Hi, I'm Garrett!

I'm your dedicated marketing consultant. Let me help you master online marketing so that you have what it takes to make a living in this world of online sales.


Are you struggling to generate leads or sales online, market your sales funnels, or struggling on social media when it comes to marketing your products? Let me tell you, you're in the right spot! I was was in the same situation back in 2014. I spent two whole years with nothing but failure until I finally found various methods that actually worked for me!

Now I teach others how to make a living with online marketing, using the same strategies that I use. My ultimate goal is to help others who are serious about learning and want to make a living by selling products online. Let me be your personal online marketing consultant and get you on a path to success!

How It Works

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Choose Service
Pick a service or service(s) that you need.

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Book A Call
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I Call You
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Services Overview

My services are designed to help you be successful with affiliate marketing. I will ask you questions, tell you what you're doing wrong, and how to fix the situation so you can take control and start making sales.

Sales Funnels

Need help converting leads to sales with your sales funnels? Not a problem. I'll show you the same strategies that I use to generate online sales on a consistent basis with sales funnels!

Mastering Pinterest Sales

70% of my monthly income come from Pinterest. With my tactics, you won't need to spend money on ads or anything. You'll be able to sell any type of product on Pinterest.

Session Pricing

Session calls are booked on an hourly basis. Feel free to schedule/book as many hours as you feel is needed.

Sales Funnels
"Learn All About Sales Funnels!"

$147/ hour

Pinterest Sales
"Sell Anything On Pinterest"

$147/ hour

The Bundle
"Learn Both!"

$247/ 1-2 hours

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