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  • Garrett Schultz
  • 10/8/2018

Why Social Media Automation Is No Good For Small Businesses

When it comes to social media and marketing automation, there are ways to win big. However, there have also been some runaway dumpster fires.

Remember AT&T’s super-spammy debacle called the “Ticket Chasers” program? It was a chance for people to win free NCAA tickets. They outsourced the campaign to a contractor, who then outsourced the Tweets to a robot, who then spammed the crap out of thousands of Twitter users.

The problem was that many of the recipients didn’t even follow @ATT or have any interest in NCAA.

Even the best of us make mistakes, and public ones at that. But some point to these instances as proof-positive that social media automation is bad marketing—that it undermines the purpose of social media altogether: community engagement and meaningful conversations.

After all, you’d never automate messages to your friends and family, would you? Then how can you (gasp) automate messages to your beloved audience?

The truth is, these accusations miss the point entirely. Social media automation done well is both brilliant and has a positive return. The difference is using what I call “smart-o-mation” rather than “spam-o-mation.”

I don’t like spam. Nobody likes spam. But social automation doesn’t have to be spam.

The Bigger Picture

When you automate your social media presence, ask yourself, am I really helping or hurting my business?

Really think about this in a deep manner, because in most cases, you're actually hurting your business. Social media works the same way as search engines do. There are bots that search for duplicate content, and keyword rich content. Now if you've got some automated bot posting random posts on your social media pages every day, chances are that the content is duplicated and being posted on another page somewhere else as well.

This fact alone is one of the biggest reasons I feel bad for anyone who still uses those cheap, month to month subscription services for social media automation. It's not doing any favors for your business other than filling your page with random junk that nobody cares about.

What Other Options Do You Have

This is where someone such as myself comes into play. I'm not your average social media marketer, nor am I going to sign you up for some useless automation program just to say "I did the work for you". Instead, I actually do the work and research your business, competition, as well as many other factors that come into play with your services, products etc. This means that each and every single post will be crafted and curated with high density keywords that will produce results every single time. Not only that, but you will never have to worry about having to deal with having duplicate content scattered throughout your social pages either.

Garrett Schultz

Garrett combines sophisticated web design and development, digital marketing fundamentals and search engine marketing to build an interconnected framework customized to your business. Garrett brings particular expertise in content marketing, user interface and user experience design, high-level web development, branding and social media management.